Park rules

Terms, conditions and park rules:

Child rates are for children aged 4 years to 14 years. Infant rates for children aged 3 years and under.

Check in Arrival time: From 2.00pm Departure time: By 10.30am

Due to Health & Safety requirements, when arriving at the Park all guests and visitors to the Park must stop at the Park entrance and check in/sign in at the Office before proceeding to a site.

Office hours: 8.30am until 8.00pm

If you anticipate arriving outside the above hours, please contact the office. We can arrange late arrival instructions and Park access for you.

Late departures are available outside peak times. Extra day charges may apply. Please speak to the office to arrange before your day of departure.

Accounts Balance of accounts are payable in full, on arrival, when checking in. Payment must be made for the full time booked. There will be no refunds for late arrivals or early departures. Some changes are permitted on payment of an amendment/administration fee.

Reservations are a contract between Naseby Holiday Park and the person named on the reservation and are not transferable to any other person. This means that the named person must occupy the unit/site for the duration of the contract and is ultimately responsible for all occupants and visitors of that unit/site.


Our sites will fit one average sized caravan, awning and one car or one large tent, trailer and car per site. Should you want to bring more than this, please contact us prior to your arrival. All your equipment, including cars, need to fit within your site boundary.

We reserve the right, for any camper/van/caravan or vehicle that exceeds 7.5 metres in length or encroaches onto another site, to charge for the use of two sites and/or a surcharge – whichever, in the view of Management, may best apply.

We also reserve the right to change unit/site booked as required.

Telephone: 03 444 9904; Email:; Website:


All must have a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness and comply with LPG standard (NZS5428:1996). Power leads must be a minimum of 10 metres in length. Management reserves the right to unplug any connection that does not comply with regulations. Own wastewater container must be provided and chemical toilets emptied into the dump station.

Powered tent sites

Only approved RCD safety switch leads with a 10-metre power cord are permitted to be used. Management reserves the right to unplug any connection that does not comply with regulations.

Tent sites

Tents may only be set up on allocated sites and not be pitched outside accommodation units.

Accommodation units

Only occupants of the units are permitted to use the unit facilities. Smoking is not permitted in any of the accommodation units, communal areas or amenity blocks. Additional charges will be made if guests fail to observe this rule. Additional charges will be incurred if the unit requires additional cleaning services, such as rubbish removal or washing up dirty dishes. Bikes must not be taken into accommodation.

Vehicles in the Park

Each site/unit is allocated one car park. All cars must be parked in their allocated car park or within the boundary of their site. No parking on the driveways or grass edges. If you are unable to fit your vehicle on your site you can either park it outside the Park entrance or contact the Office to arrange parking in the Caravan storage area during your stay.

Walking pace only for cars (10kmph). Please watch for children.


Walking pace only within the Park. No bike riding along the path in front of the amenity blocks or ramps. All cyclists, scooter and bike riders must wear a helmet – no exceptions. Watch for children! No bikes are to be taken into any of the accommodation units.

Noise, behaviour and conduct

No noise after 10.00pm and before 7.00am. The only exception is New Year’s Eve, which is 1.00am. Please be thoughtful of fellow guests at all times. If Management considers your noise to be excessive or offensive to other guests, you will be asked to turn it down or off. To ensure all guests have a great holiday, we expect common sense and consideration to be shown to other guests, staff and management.

Reasonable behaviour is expected. Loud swearing or bad language will not be tolerated. Excessive drinking, noise, loud parties and groups of people congregating on one site is not permitted. Management reserves the right to cancel tenancy at any time if any person or group, that in the opinion of Management, behave in an objectionable manner or contravene the Park rules. There will be no refund of fees paid for early termination.


Alcohol may only be consumed within the guest’s site or accommodation. No drinking of alcohol around the Park grounds or communal buildings is permitted.

Children Parental/Guardian control and supervision is expected at all times. Children must not be left alone in the Park at any time. Children must be supervised by a parent/guardian in the playground and playground rules adhered to at all times. The playground closes at dusk and no congregating in the playground area is permitted after dark.


Well behaved dogs are permitted to stay in the park. Owners are responsible for controlling their dogs and must keep them under control and pick up after them at all times. Pets are not permitted in the amenity blocks or on any furniture in the accommodation units. Any damage, including extra cleaning needed, will be charged to the registered guest. Dogs must not be left unattended in the park, at any time.


Open fires, charcoal barbeques, fireworks and candles are not permitted at any time.

There are regular fire bans and access to the forest is occasionally restricted due to fire hazard. Please check the Fire Level signs or with reception for current fire status and forest entry restrictions.

Ashes from the Miner’s & Larchview Cottage’s wood burning fires must not be placed in the rubbish bins. Please use the metal buckets provided.

Fun and games

We encourage guests to play games in and around the Park. However, please do not be offended if asked to cease an activity which could jeopardise the safety of people and/or property. Eg Cricket balls, water fights etc. Water guns, water bombs and the like must not be filled up inside the amenity blocks as floor spills create a hazard.

We encourage the building of tree huts/dens, but ask that trees in and around the park are not damaged or cut down to build them.

Visitors to guests staying at the Park

Facilities at the Park are for paying guests. We understand that you may like to share your Naseby experience with friends and family. To comply with Health and Safety regulations ALL VISITORS are required to stop at the office and register on arrival. No visitor cars are permitted into the Park and must be parked outside the entrance. A visitor fee may be charged.

Visitors must vacate the Park by 10pm. Any visitor staying overnight at a site or in accommodation must advise the office and pay the relevant nightly tariff, before doing so. Maximum occupancy levels must be adhered to. Visitors are the ultimate responsibility of the registered guest. Any unpaid fees or damage caused will be the responsibility of the registered guest and payable before departure.

Management reserve the right to refuse or limit visitor admission to the Park


We have a no smoking policy in all accommodation units and communal areas. Smoking on camping sites can be uncomfortable for your neighbours – Please be mindful of this and smoke well away from other people and their property.

Damage: Please report any breakages or damages in Park grounds so that we can attend to it quickly. Anyone found liable for damage within the Park grounds will be charged.